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Zanele Dladla

There’s nothing that gets Zanele Dladla more excited than being out at sea,

but helping out her country at the same time, makes her job as an instrument fitter with the South African Navy all the more satisfying.

Dladla, who describes her job as a calling and is the first female instrument fitter in the country, explains that she is responsible for the diving equipment for the navy divers.

“I fi x, operate and maintain the diving equipment.” Navy divers serve on board military ships.

They also provide assistance in rescue operations and humanitarian missions nationally and to neighbouring countries.

“The SA Navy operates at sea and therefore it needs divers to dive into the water to inspect the ship’s structures and for sea rescue purposes.

One of the crucial pieces of equipment Dladla is responsible for is the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, which is also known as a scuba set.

Inspiration to excel Dladla is the only woman in her team that provides a support service to the divers.

“It feels good to be among the men, knowing that they rely on me to fi x their equipment.

The divers also respect me for the work that I do. My job is challenging and yet exciting at the same time. It pushes me to be at the top of my game and excel in what I do.”

 She finds added inspiration in the knowledge that she works with divers who are vey disciplined in their work.

“Being amongst divers who swim and run every day during their intensive training but never complain, makes me want to serve them better.”

“No matter how cold it is, the divers will be swimming and no matter how hot it is, they will be running and carrying weights. Their determination motivates me to ensure they have safe equipment.”

Serving the country Among the factors that drew her to a career in the navy, are the discipline and respect that comes with the job.

“I also love the navy uniform and being on the ships. I always wanted to joined the navy to protect and defend my country at sea.”

Dladla says she always had the desire to do something that would make a diff erence.

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