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Welcome to the Krasilnikoff world of colourful Danish design

Products designed for everyday use and everyday joy – that is the foundation upon which the Danish design company Krasilnikoff is founded.

Krasilnikoff comprises three brands: Happy Mugs, Welcome

Happy Stars and Happy by Krasilnikoff.

The goal for all three is to brighten up your day.

In 2002, Susanne Krasilnikoff decided to take a leap and start her own design company.

With a master’s degree in economics, Welcome

French and English, she did not have any previous experience in the design industry,

but she had always loved drawing and being creative.

“I’m completely self-taught.

I have a passion for creating things and making something beautiful that people love,

but I honestly didn’t know much about the Danish design industry when I started,” says Susanne Krasilnikoff.

Happy products

Krasilnikoff is comprised of three brands: Happy Mugs,

Happy Stars and Happy by Krasilnikoff.

Happy Mugs is a line of mix-and-match porcelain mugs with and without statements,

currently presenting more than 150 Happy Mugs complemented by travel mugs,

spoons, bowls, teapots and much more.

Happy Stars is a collection of ceramic bowls for popcorn, chips and snacks,

inspired by the classic American popcorn holder,

while Happy by Krasilnikoff presents textile products ranging

from scarves and bags to tea towels, napkins, aprons, cushions and quilts.

“The idea is to create beautiful pieces of high quality that don’t cost a fortune, and which people can use in their everyday life.

Our products are not meant to only come

out for the fancy family dinner once a year; they are meant to be used daily,” says Susanne Krasilnikoff.

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