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Vossa Jazz – innovative and inclusive

Vossa Jazz is an annual jazz festival, which will take place for the 42nd

time on 27-29 March in Voss, situated 90 minutes by car or train east of Bergen.

This innovative festival offers a range of musical experiences: from jazz via folk music to world music.

It is also known as an inclusive festival that reaches out to young and old alike.

“Our objective is to stimulate the interest for jazz and other

complimentary genres amongst both listeners and active musicians,” General Manager Trude Storheim explains.

Important elements that illustrate the diversity of Vossa Jazz include Badnajazz (for children aged seven to 13),

UNGjaJAZZja (for young people aged 18 to 25), Eldrejazz, Superjazz and Ekstremjazz.

Superjazz is an opportunity for disabled members of the audience to learn and participate.

Ekstremjazz combines jazz music with extreme sport, such as skiing,

cycling or paragliding at a natural spot in Voss’s mountainous natural beauty.

Jon Balke will be responsible for the artistic side of 2015’s Ekstremjazz.

“Vossa Jazz is a good opportunity for musicians to launch new music,” Storheim says.

For 2015 Live Maria Roggen has been commissioned to write the music for the festival highlight ‘Tingingsverket’.

So far international and Norwegian artists Erlend Skomsvoll (new music mixing jazz and folk music),

French artist Manu Katche, Ellen Andrea Wang, Mikko Innanen,

Carsten Dahl and Thea Hjelmeland are among the stars who have announced their presence at the next Vossa Jazz.

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