Viborg Animation Festival

Viborg Animation festival (VAF) is not just about films and entertainment. As Denmark’s largest festival of its kind,

it explores the meeting between art and technology and celebrates the countless possibilities of animation within business,

education and healthcare.

Taking place during the last week of September, the festival is part of Aarhus 2017 (European Capital of Culture)

and will this year have a special focus on the world leader within animation: Japan.

A string of films, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and cultural events will be among the numerous offers for guests visiting

Denmark’s largest animation festival in Viborg.

Running in its fifth year, the festival has made a name for itself by focusing not only on art and entertainment

but also on the many other areas where animation has proven to be a powerful tool of communication.

“During the first couple of years, the festival was very much a local event,

but by focusing on different areas we have gradually developed a more international profile.

For us it’s very much about attracting experts from the fields in

which animation is used to create change and progress,” explains the director of the festival, Morten Thorning.

“For instance, this is the case in healthcare and science,

where animation and visualisation can be used to create clear and precise communication.

In both areas, animation is used to communicate complicated

topics that the public or patient has the need to be informed about in a way they understand.”

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