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Unique product and industrial design from Swoon

Fredrikstad-based Swoon is a Norwegian design agency that was

formed in 2013 by product and industrial designers Caecilia V. Wernersen, Siri Syversen and Trine Holen Lund,

who have complementary backgrounds from Norway, the Netherlands and the UK.

Swoon assists its clients with concepts and designs for small and large productions, from idea to finished product.

The objective is to create positive and beautiful experiences for users through their products (furniture and packaging) and services.

Most of their clients are local, but they want to work nationally and internationally.

They are already working towards a Danish company. Unique product

“Our competitive advantage is the combined broad complementary expertise between us and the

flexibility offered by a small company,” explains Syversen.

“More than 70% of all revenue generated comes from services,” continues Syversen.

Thus Swoon’s focus will be increasingly on service design, which means they aim to design services Unique product

which look after the users by making them as simple as possible to use. So how does Swoon see the future?

“We will continue designing furniture and packaging products. With industrial manufacturing in decline in Scandinavia,

it will be our ability to create competitive services that will be essential in the future,” replies Syversen.

“With service design having the largest market potential, Swoon, with its unique expertise,

can offer analysis on the challenges of our clients and base new service designs on the research findings,” concludes Syversen.

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