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Unique music experience under the midnight sun

Midnattsrocken is Norway’s northernmost outdoor festival,

providing visitors from near and far with unforgettable and unique

music and camping experiences under the enchanting midnight sun.

Taking place at the very top of the country in Lakselv this July,

the festival promises fun-filled days of great tunes and an amazing atmosphere.

Every summer, something magical happens north of the Arctic Circle.

Here, in the midst of the beautiful Norwegian scenery, under the midnight sun, Unique music

a music festival takes place with late-night rock concerts lasting

far into the endless summer nights – a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Since 1984, Midnattsrocken has been offering locals and visitors alike a varied programme full of great music as well as a legendary,

vibrant festival camp full of parties with no end in sight.

After a change in management in 2003, the festival has grown to become the biggest and

northernmost outdoor festival in the northern part of Norway.

Idyllic location In Finnmark during summertime, the sun remains visible until midnight, in stark contrast to the dark winters.

Situated at the bottom of a headland in the Porsangerfjord, Unique music

with the stage facing the fjord, the festival boasts a spec tacular setting.

“The area is very idyllic. The stage is facing north,

so from around midnight to one o’clock at night, the midnight sun shines right onto the stage.

It provides a very special atmosphere for both audiences and performers,” says festival manager Sten Rune Pettersen.

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