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The Mayor of Umzumbe Municipality, Cllr Sizwe Ngcobo,

and Municipal Manager Nokuthula Mgijima speak about the rapid growth of the municipality, owing to the dynamism of the community they serve.

“We serve a diverse community that travels across the country. And when people come to visit their families here, they expect the comfort they experience in large municipalities,” said Ngcobo.

All of this requires dedicated political and administrative leadership and Cllr Sizwe Ngcobo banks on his years of experience in local government to weather the local government storms.

“I joined this municipality in the genesis of local government as a young and energetic youth wanting to see the OR Tambo and Nelson Mandela vision of a better life realised.

Ngcobo said that he has seen a lot of growth in the municipality over the years.

“Starting from the time when we had a small Municipal Infrastructure Grant and seeing it grow,

buying our own plant and seeing our own fleet grow in numbers annually due to the demands of the community.”

He said that when all these changes happened, it demanded even more dedication from politicians.

“There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing our communities having electricity, running water and dignified sanitation,” said Ngcobo.

He added that these are the things that seemed far off. He said that roads continue to be a challenge because they are all gravel, “except some minor roads that we had no option but to put concrete on. We hope that in the near future we are able to tar on our local roads.”

Ngcobo praised the good working relationship with traditional leadership.

“Seven Amakhosi are part of our full Council. They serve on different committees.”

He attributes a lot of these successes to the staff led by Municipal Manager Nokuthula Mgijima.

Mgijima has been with the municipality for five years and the council recently extended her contract for a further three months.

She said that joining Umzumbe Municipality as Municipal Manager has been very interesting.

“I was very happy, meeting new people, keen to understand the environment of a local municipality because I had worked

for the Metro and district municipalities before coming here.”

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