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Triple Twist – The New Game for Lottery Players

With Valentine’s Day upon us, Lottery Players are being hit with Cupid’s arrow and falling in love with more games and more cash prizes, thanks to the all-new in state draw game: Triple Twist!

Triple Twist is delivering the best odds of winning out of any draw game in หวยฮานอยพิเศษ,

helping to make winners out of even more new and loyal players.

Who doesn’t love winning?

Not only is this new game just $2, but players can win up to four times in a single game!

How the Triple Twist works

Triple Twist offers players three lines of numbers, 1-42, to play and if they match three or more numbers on a single line,

or match five or more on all three lines combined, they win.

Players can ask their retailer, use an หวยฮานอยพิเศษ Lottery vending machine’s scanner or use the new mobile ticket checker app to check their numbers and see if they are winners!

Triple Twist, Lottery

Players keep playing Triple Twist because it only costs $2, there are great odds of winning and there is a wide variety of prizes.

Lottery players have a 1 in 7.9 chance of winning any cash prize ranging from $2 to $2,000.

Triple Twist had a $2,000 winner in its first two days and there’s been at least one $500 winner almost every day since the game began.

Additionally, Triple Twist’s jackpot starts at $200,000 and rolls until there is a winner!

“We are continuously looking for ways to innovate our products and elevate our players’ experience”

“We tested Triple Twist with players and they told us that they love the game.

This additional in-state draw game further engages players and positively impacts vital programs that serve Arizonans across the entire state.”

Executive Director of the Lottery Gregg Edgar said.

Additional Lottery sales help to increase the amount of money transferred to beneficiaries,

like the University Bond Fund, which is administered by the Arizona Board of Regents to pay for critical research,

academic expansion and maintenance at all three of our state’s public universities, and the Healthy Arizona fund,

which helps the Department of Health Services provide nutrition and preventative health services to our most vulnerable residents.

The หวยฮานอยพิเศษ Lottery generated nearly $212 million for our beneficiaries in Fiscal Year 2019 and is on track to exceed $1 billion in sales in Fiscal Year 2020.