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Trenna Packer Salver

THE TRENNA PACKER Salver is the only salon dedicated to nature photography

in New Zealand and is hosted by the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand.

The rules are pretty simple; any club can enter and should submit a set showing diversity and coherence.

 This has been a difficult concept for some clubs to grasp but it means that

the judges are asked to consider the range of subject matter as well as how the set hangs together.

Thus a set that comprised all fungi or all birds may show coherence but not diversity and will be judged accordingly.

 Coherence is achieved by including images with a similar tonal balance and preferably

the same orientation and size of images, rather than coherence being achieved ลาวสามัคคี

by having similar subject matter. Images that meet the PSNZ New Zealand nature definition are eligible.

 Awards are given to the top three clubs as well as to a number of individual images worthy of special recognition.

The judge is selected by the convenor on the basis of being a skilled nature photographer with the ability to impartially assess the sets.

 The position of judge normally rotates between North and South Islands but is limited by the relatively small number of suitably qualified nature judges.

This year the judge was Geoff Beals APSNZ of Auckland.

Geoff made a sterling job of assessing the sets, with of course no idea which club set is which before the presentation night.

As is always the case, the contest was hard and it was a close call between the top sets.

 Geoff’s comments on the overall salon follow: “It was very pleasing this year to see a generally high standard of image quality in the entered sets.

Diversity is a requirement of the competition, and was mostly well handled, but a few sets included too many of a particular species.

In my opinion, more than two birds in a set of six, for example, showed diminished diversity.

 Some of the more common individual image weaknesses included a lack of sharpness, over-sharpening, and too much contrast.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี

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