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Danielle Rankin

Director of Business Development, Konami Gaming, Inc.   

Though born in Arizona, Danielle Rankin grew up in Ocean Pines, Maryland, just outside Ocean City. She played soccer for Stephen Decatur High School, where her coach, Amy Fenzel-Mergott, proved to be a pivotal person in Rankin’s life, one of the first strong female figures she looked up to.

“She taught me that you only set your own limits and all of them can be broken, and always pushed us to be better and lead by example,” Rankin says.

“We used to run sprints on the track. The entire group had to finish under the time limit or the team ran again.

You were only as good as your weakest link and you needed to work together.” Those lessons followed Rankin to the University of Arizona, where she obtained a B.S. degree in 2006 in retail and consumer sciences.

Total Teamwork MGM Resorts recruited her for its Management Associate Program, where she assisted with the retail and merchandising division.

Less than two years later, Rankin gained an appreciation for gaming as a career and left a position as merchandise planner with MGM Resorts to become a casino marketing analyst at Mandalay Bay.

It was here she met Josh Swissman. “He was the first person in the gaming industry that took a chance on me,” Rankin says. “Throughout my career he has been the single most influential person. He invested his own time and effort in my learning and growth.”

Each member of the Swissman team met with Rankin weekly for updates.

Total Teamwork “Yet he insisted we come prepared with questions whether they related to work or personal.

I learned casino analytics, staffing, yielding and so much more working alongside Josh,” she says.

Rankin received promotion after promotion, finally joining Konami in 2012 as senior business operations analyst, R&D.

A little more than five years later, Konami promoted Rankin to her current position of director of business development.

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