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Three Maine Islands

dense I couldn’t find the critical buoy.

Since we could make Monhegan before dark, that became our destination.

 I’ve learned cruising has more than enough excitement and danger that is unavoidable—there is no reason to seek it out.

We were lucky there was a mooring available, and that it was calm night. I have been at Monhegan when Judy rocked all night long.

We were in our sleeping bags after a delicious early dinner and up at dawn Monday. We sailed most of the way to Matinicus and had no problem navigating into the harbor.

 It was high tide, and in the middle of the harbor there was a mass of seaweed, presumably on the top of the rocks the chart shows. We motored over to a lobster boat unloading at a floating dock.

 Its inhabitants told us where the guest moorings were and warned us to avoid the rocks.

When the ten-foot tide went out, most of the inner harbor was filled with a mini-mountain!

The guest moorings are marked by a lobster buoy with a can attached. In the can is a notice with the cost ($30) and a map of the island. Matinicus is the most remote of the Maine islands that are inhabited year-round.

There are about 120 seasonal residents, and we were lucky to have a long talk with one of them, Dave Sears (, an artist who has been living and working there for four months or so annually for many years.

 In 2019, the two hour and fifteen minute ferry crossing from Rockland on the mainland was scheduled to go once in January, February, and December; twice in March and November; three times in April; and weekly May through October.

The trips are not spaced evenly because there is no way to load and unload when it is low tide on the island.

There are no medical facilities, no restaurants, and hardly anything for tourists.

 It’s wonderful! Paul and I took a long walk to a spectacularly beautiful beach where I twisted my ankle but fortunately was able to walk, although later it blew up to about twice its normal size.

 The year-round residents are lobstermen who, like they did this year, do very well financially. Many of them have homes on the mainland and stay on Matinicus a few days at a time.

At the Christmas party in 2018 there were just 19 people. The K–8 school will not open this academic year; ot was last open during the 2017–2018 year.

The island has its own power plant for electricity. A licensed operator is required, and recently it was a challenge to find someone when a vacancy developed. The year-round people we met could not have been nicer.

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