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The world at your feet

Sweden’s most exciting lifestyle shoe brand, Henry Kole,

is wowing the international crowd with its trend-driven, modern and quality-focused shoes for women on the move.

Up-and-coming shoe brand Henry Kole was established by e-commerce entrepreneur Henrik Klintenberg from Varberg on the Swedish west coast,

also known as the shoe city, where some of the country’s most established shoe makers are based.

“Even though I have never really been involved in the shoe industry as such, The world at your feet

the heritage is part of the city’s DNA and has of course had an impact,” elaborates the founder on his background.

Inspired by a visit to Elche in southern Spain, another shoe region known in particular for its hand-made products, The world at your feet

Klintenberg eventually decided to set up his own lifestyle shoe brand.

The first collection was released in 2015 and based around the concept of shoes for modern,

ambitious women with a busy, urban lifestyle – women with the world at their feet.

Henry Kole’s stylish shoes and ankle boots are made of high-grade materials, ensuring great quality as well as fit, at an affordable price.

“In the design process, we are trying to find something that works well every day, but with an edge,” says Klintenberg.

“Our customers appreciate shoes that stand out.”

Fashion, branding and IT

Despite being a relatively young brand, Henry Kole has seen a strong development, both in Sweden and internationally.

From the outset, and with the help of Klintenberg’s extensive e-commerce experience, the brand has had the world as its market.

“In recent years, online shops have grown rapidly, and it’s now easier to both sell and buy products worldwide.

With Henry Kole, we have managed to combine shoe fashion and lifestyle branding with a smooth IT solution.”

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