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The unique taste of Norway

Matmerk is the Norwegian food labelling and agriculture assurance foundation that works

with quality management and communication of the origin and quality of food products towards one clear goal:

to enhance the competitiveness of Norwegian food production.

Ever tasted Norwegian mutton? Available in two qualities, traditional and aged, The unique taste of Norway

the Norwegian speciality of cured leg of mutton comes enhanced by herbs and spices, The unique taste of Norway

berries and honey, and the knowledge and expertise behind the delicacy has been passed down through generations,

most likely from as far back as the Viking Age.

Now considered a real gem of Norwegian culinary heritage, mutton leg curing is particularly well-suited to the Norwegian climate and topography,

so much so that the term ‘cured leg of mutton’ (‘fenalår’ in Norwegian) now puts

demands on the raw materials used as well as the formulation, processing and inspection undertaken.

Another delicacy that is Norwegian through and through is stockfish, or ‘tørrfisk’,

recently very much in demand at gourmet restaurants and the like.

Historically, the fish was particularly important during Lent,

when the Catholic Church prohibited the consumption of meat,

but today it has become somewhat of a symbol for the Lofoten area,

an important export product sent in particular to Italy.

Produced by hanging cod out to dry in the open air,

stockfish gets its characteristic qualities from a combination of the right hanging time,

drying time, temperature, humidity and wind – conditions known to be ideal in Lofoten between February and June.

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