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The season for winter warmers

It’s that time of year again; the festive season is fast approaching.

The days are getting shorter, it’s colder outside, and all we want to do is to snuggle

up on the sofa or in a comfy armchair by an open fire, with a tasty treat in hand to keep us warm.

Scandinavia has a long tradition of Christmas beer, and many breweries produce a special festive brew, usually launched in early November.

In Denmark, there is even a special day, known as J-day. On the first Friday in November, The season for winter warmers

Tuborg releases its annual Christmas beer (Julebryg), which is celebrated across the country.

An important part of the tradition is also Tuborg’s iconic advert from 1980, an animated film that symbolises the arrival of Christmas.

Intended to bring warmth in the winter cold, the Christmas beers are usually fairly strong,

malty and full-bodied, and spiced with ingredients such as cinnamon, orange peel, cloves and vanilla – think a bit stronger and a bit sweeter.

Most are easily paired with traditional Christmas food such as ham, ribs and smoked fish, The season for winter warmers

or with strong, mature cheese or perhaps a chocolate dessert.

In the innovative spirit of craft beer, however, there are new, interesting winter versions now appearing: for instance,

Danish brewery Mikkeller’s Hoppy Lovin Christmas, a hoppy IPA brewed with ginger and pine needles;

and Swedish brewery Brekkeriet’s hit Lusse Lelle, a deliciously fruity and tart session wild ale, fermented with saffron.

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