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The rise of full-flavoured beer, without the hangover

With an increasingly active and health-conscious lifestyle being enjoyed by consumers, the market for alcohol-free and low-alcohol beer is growing, in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

And the brewers are on the ball, producing amazing beer with heaps of flavour and aroma, but without the alcohol – and hangover.

In Europe, alcohol-free beer and lowalcohol beer have existed for a while, but have often been seen as somewhat of a bad compromise,

with boring, watery brews that do not come anywhere near the same level as regular beers in terms of flavour and aroma.

Certainly, it has been looked upon as more of a substitute rather than something to truly enjoy.

However, recently the sector has seen a revival and modern alcohol-free beer has turned out to be a real tasty alternative to alcoholic drinks.

New brewing methods ensure higher quality and new types of yeast enhance flavours, giving consumers more taste,

yet without the booze.

Some talented breweries in Sweden,

Denmark and Norway are leading the way by showcasing brilliant new beers in this fast-growing area.

Skilled brewing in Sweden

According to the Swedish Brewers’ Association,

sales of alcohol-free beer were boosted 40 per cent during 2018 and it is the category of beverages that has increased the most.

“This is a fantastic development, and we believe that the trend will continue,”

says Erika Danckwardt-Lillieström at the Swedish Brewers’ Association.

“The growth in alcohol-free beer is partly due to more active and health-conscious consumers,

but also thanks to better beer quality.

The breweries have found new methods of producing alcohol-free beer and are getting better at making more interesting,

flavoursome, high-quality alternatives for consumers.”

Swedish brewing giant Spendrups is developing new alcohol-free beer under a number of brands in order to meet increasing consumer demand.

“It’s a great challenge to produce tasty, alcohol-free beer and requires a new approach,” The rise of full-flavoured beer says Spendrups’ brew master Richard Bengtsson.

“The goal is to make alcohol-free beer that tastes as good as the standard version.

We are further expanding our range with new, exciting products, and in different styles.” The rise of full-flavoured beer

New this year is Mariestads Sommarlager, a modern, unfiltered lager with hints of citrus, perfect for summer.

Bengtsson also recommends Melleruds Alkoholfria Pilsner. “It’s full of flavour and almost impossible to tell apart from the regular beer.”

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