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The place that has it all

Tucked into the picturesque strait of Knarrlaget on the south side of Ulvøya island, outside Norway’s third-largest city, you will find Knarren Brygge.

Surrounded by a stunning archipelago and stretches of sandy beaches, this buzzing retreat offers seaside accommodation,

first-class entertainment and festivals, the freshest seafood you can imagine and spectacular nature experiences.

With its idyllic seaside location,

spectacular views and convenient proximity to Trondheim, The place

Knarren Brygge has long been a loved holiday destination amongst visitors

from near and far keen to experience the Norwegian coastal landscape,

traditional food and charming seaside lodges.

Starting out as a traditional tavern 25 years ago, The place

Knarren Brygge has grown to become so much more than just a place to get a nice home-cooked meal.

“Today we also offer accommodation for up to 35 guests,

spread over an old converted dock building and two traditional fisherman huts,

top modern meeting facilities, customised activity programmes,

a marina with boat spaces for rent and exciting festivals and concerts all year round – in essence, we have it all,”

says marketing manager Bjørn Fjeldvær.

Top performers Other than the breathtaking natural surroundings,

it is perhaps the concerts and festivals that are Knarren Brygge’s biggest draw – and with good reason,

as several of Norway’s best-known artists and bands visit the seaside retreat regularly. It all started more than ten years ago,

when Åge Aleksandersen, one of the Scan Magazine | Special Theme | Experience Norway country’s most famous singer/songwriters,

who has a cabin nearby and often spends his holidays on Ulvøya,

took his band to perform at Knarren Brygge.

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