The Mighty Brotherhood Triumphs

By the fall of 1950, the men of Kappa Tau Sigma had decided

that they wished to cast their lot with Beta Theta Pi. Making that decision was one thing;

getting the consent of Beta Theta Pi to the proposed affiliation was another matter altogether.

As in the case of the British Columbia petitioning local fraternity in the 1930s, success was neither certain nor perhaps even probable at the outset.

The goal of a Beta charter was to be won only after a tough struggle.

This is not meant to suggest that Beta Theta Pi regarded Kappa Tau Sigma as an unworthy candidate for chapterhood. Nobody disputed that this honours science body could hold up its head with the best of the best in Beta Theta Pi.

The question was rather whether Beta Theta Pi should be considering any expansion at all.

And it is very important to stress that those who were opposed to expansion on principle were motivated by the good and welfare of the Fraternity every bit as much as were expansion’s proponents.

Both the Toronto chapter and Kappa Tau Sigma were very fortunate in being able to pass through the war years and remain in operation. Not all Beta chapters were so lucky.

About 25 percent of all chapters had passed part of the war in an inactive state. Many more had remained active, but at the cost (like Kappa Tau Sigma) of surrendering their houses.

No charters had been revoked during the war years — this was a deliberate decision of the last General Convention in 1942 — but much rebuilding had to be done.

Many chapters, for all practical purposes, had to be rebuilt from scratch as though they were brand new.

For Beta Theta Pi, the reopening of closed chapters and retrieving housing for the others was work of the highest priority after the war’s end, and it proceeded quickly.

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