It doesn’t seem particularly sunny in The KVB’s world. The gloomy
brainchild of one Klaus Von Barrel that has since evolved to include
Kat Day,

their debut is a 32 minute hit of lip-curling apathy and gloriously bleak, reverb-drenched shoegaze.

Fans of similarly intense doom-mongers will find much to mordantly love (see inevitable Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen mentions)

but that doesn’t stop ‘Minus One’ wearing its black heart on its sleeve.

There’s a brilliant basement quality to opener ‘Again and Again’, its, raw, vacuous

production and chunky bass-lines hinting at the duo’s wilfully subterranean sound whilst ‘Something Inside’

lets Klaus’ atonal vocal swim in the space and minimalism;

his lyrics elongated into groans of aching disinterest. Beneath the indifference, there’s something very promising lurking amongst The KVB’s murk.

The same affect is writ even larger on the best of her new batch of songs, ‘Crying For No Reason’.

Lest the title not be indicator enough, things aren’t exactly rosy for the song’s protagonist: KVB

“My friend called me up one evening crying,” explains Brien of the tune’s inspiration.KVB

“She’d stopped at the traffic lights and just suddenly started balling her eyes out and didn’t know why. Thing is, she’d seemed fine for ages, but underneath she wasn’t.KVB

She’d tried to tell herself for so long that she was okay, but then this day just came, and everything got on top of her, and I can really relate to that.”

It’s a brutally direct track, and in the context of the existing Katy B persona, with song after song about euphoric clubbing with your mates, an indirect
acknowledgment of having serious waves of depression is quite startling.

Thankfully though, Brien is candid about her vulnerability, and pleased to get it off her chest: “I’m glad that I got the opportunity to write something like that,” she says of ‘Crying For No Reason’,

sounding shyly defiant, “because I think some people think I just write about raving with the lights on all the time and that my life is just this one big happy party.

But really, for me, I mean, I have these crazy dreams at the moment that I can’t even talk to you about, so going out is what

I do sometimes because it makes me happy and because sometimes in my life, when I do feel a bit lonely or do feel a bit sad, going out is my escape.”

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