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The finishing touch to any outfit

Sometimes the easiest solutions are simply the best.

The hair clips from Den Lille Prikken Over I’en are exactly this,

as they serve the simple purpose of keeping the hair in place while spicing up any outfit.

The idea came to Doris O Bondø’s mind when she had her two girls nearly ten years ago.

After trawling the shops for nice-looking hair clips for the girls at no avail, she decided to make her own.

While initially keeping it as a hobby, providing samples for local shops in Trondheim,

popular demand meant that she soon had her hands busy around the clock.

Together with business partner Anita Kjøsnes,

she started Den Lille Prikken Over I’en, The finishing touch to any outfit

translating roughly into ‘the little finishing touch’ or ‘the cherry on top’.

“Customers come back for clips to match different outfits, and mothers seem to love them as much as their kids do,” Bondø says.

The company designs and produces decorative hair clips for babies and children up to their early teens, as well as hair bands and Alice bands.

“The colours vary like the colours of the rainbow, with floral patterns being popular for the summer,” Bondø says.

“We also do accessories for special occasions where we add Swarovski crystals to sparkle in the hair.

Our all-time most popular collection is the 17 May designs with Norwegian colours and flags.”

But the clips are not just a pretty; they also provide a solution to one of the neverending nuisances of many parents.

Most parents of daughters will have experienced clips falling out even before their little ones are out the front door, as did Bondø.

“The secret to our clips is an anti-slip tape, The finishing touch to any outfit

which means that they stick to the hair almost regardless of activities,” Bondø explains.

“We tested them throughout football matches and on the trampoline, without a single clip falling out.”

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