The End

Without doubt, the saddest day in the history of Beta Theta Pi in Canada, up to that date,

was the day that the McGill University chapter, the Epsilon Nu of Beta Theta Pi, closed its doors.

No chapter in Canada had ever closed before, even briefly, although there were one or two near misses.

The closest Canadian Betas had ever come to such a situation was the closure of the Brock colony.

The worst aspect of the McGill collapse was that it was so unnecessary. In a sense, this is true of every chapter that shuts down.

In this case, only a few minor differences in the times, the people involved, or the location might have kept the chapter alive and well.

 In the wake of McGill’s downfall, there were many who tried to level blame for the end of a once-promising chapter. Some blamed the current undergraduates. S

ome blamed the General Fraternity. Some blamed the chapter’s alumni. There were not a few who blamed themselves.

In retrospect, it would be more realistic to say that a whole series of factors unfortunately coincided to bring about Epsilon Nu’s collapse.

In this mixture of elements, the role of any one individual, either to accept blame or to stave off the end, was naturally limited.

One of the most critical elements in the situation was the attitude of certain members of the chapter.

During the last couple of years, it seemed almost as though the majority of the brothers didn’t care whether the chapter lived or died.

It was astonishing how often some of the men insisted that the chapter’s survival came first with them,

but they continued doing the same things that were bringing the chapter to the brink of collapse.

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