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Twenty years ago I attended my first TWO x TWO.

Little did I know that the event would take on a life of its own and become the gold standard for fundraising.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generosity and sacrifice of TWO x TWO founders, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky.

Two decades later Cindy and Howard remain an inspiration.

To date the event is responsible for raising over $75 million and remains for amfAR,

The Foundation for AIDS Research, the largest fundraiser in the United States.

 Meanwhile, Dallas Museum of Art has added over 250 major works of contemporary art to their permanent collection with TWO x TWO proceeds donated to their Contemporary

Art Acquisition Fund and exhibitions. It too is the largest annual fundraiser for the museum.

These are remarkable statistics; however, there are countless stories to share about lives that have been touched,

friendships formed, significant art acquired, and the evolution of a TWO x TWO ecosystem.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Jennifer and John Eagle as their art advisor for over ten years.

In a recent conversation, we discussed the Eagles’ ongoing interest and commitment to TWO x TWO.

John Runyon: Cindy and Howard Rachofsky have made an indelible commitment to elevating the arts in Dallas.

Your own contributions to the arts and TWO x TWO are considerable including donations to the event and art acquisitions.

What keeps you so devoted to this particular auction and gala in a sea of so many? Jennifer Eagle: It’s the perfect storm.

Cindy and Howard are dear friends, so it is our absolute pleasure to support their efforts.

Add to that the contemporary art element, a beautiful week of events with like-minded friends,

and the interesting, talented people that support two organizations we believe in, our own Dallas Museum of Art and amfAR, makes TWO x TWO an easy investment.

John Runyon: Please describe your collection and how your collecting path may have changed over the past two decades.

Jennifer Eagle: Our collecting habits have evolved considerably.

 While we continue to buy what we like and want to live with, our collection has certainly been enhanced through our relationship with you, John.

In fact, Howard was the bridge-builder in helping us find the perfect art advisor who has also become a true family friend.

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