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Casino Technology has launched a complete multichannel gaming solution of the company’s most innovative casino and content management systems.

Combining a casino management system, a money management system, a jackpot server,

A remote game server and an online gaming platform, the Big 5 Suite allows both traditional and online operations to effectively run and expand their business operations.

Operators can use these systems together or independently, depending on the specific needs, market conditions and regulatory requirements.

When joined in a single suite they provide highest efficiency in operations.

Rhino is a traditional land-based casino management system offering operators a variety of tools to improve.

Control on the slot floor and quality of customer service while optimizing management and operational processes.

Through its full integration with the rest of the Big 5 systems its capabilities are dramatically expanded.

The Elephant Remote Game Server can distribute genuine Casino Technology content for video slots, bingo and roulette as well as exclusive thirdparty content like virtual sports,

Sports betting and live games to all existing gaming channels, from online and mobile gaming to traditional VLTs.

It offers a rich library of more than 160 games that is constantly expanded.

The Leopard Online Gaming Platform provides both operators and players the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of casino games and products seamlessly integrated into a single casino lobby and wallet.

Working in conjunction with the Elephant Remote Game Server, it offers access to a variety of games from.

Casino Technology’s library, as well as third-party game content.

The Lion Money Management System enables cash-in/cash-out payment transactions from physical cash into electronic money in a closed-loop environment, providing a totally seamless connection between the Rhino and Leopard systems.

The Buffalo Universal Jackpot Server completes the Big 5 Suite.

It enables various configurations and flexible settings as well as linking of online and landbased groups of machines to the same jackpot.

Buffalo supports both LAN and WAP applications that can run as an integrated part of the Elephant Remote Game Server or Rhino Casino Management System, as well as independently adapted to a thirdparty platform.    

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