The Alllazing Rebirth of the Picton Castle

When people encounter o ld square ri ggers, whether at museums or harbor festivals,

they usuall yex press a sense of awe and admirati on,

partly because of the sailing ship ‘s intrinsic beauty, and partly because the ability to move thousands of tons of wood,

steel and cargo across the seas on the powerofthe wind is foreign and mysterious to people accustomed to hav ing motor power at their fingertips.

But, one also feels a tinge of sadness, perhaps because we know that these ships have outlived the ir time,

The Alllazing Rebirth of the Picton Castle the trades they were built for, and the work they were designed to do.

In December 1992 the 142-foot, 299-ton Norwegian coastal trader Do/mar, laid up in the small port of Yedevagen,

The Alllazing Rebirth of the Picton Castle was certainly a site to evoke sadness–dirty,

listing slightl y to starboard and streaked with rust. She ‘d had a long career si nce she ‘d first made her way down Yorkshire’s Humber River in 1928.

And she’d seen enough of the world , having fished the North Sea,

served in the Royal Navy in World War II and tramped cargo from places as far away as Russia and Portugal.

So sure ly the labors of the men and industry that had sculpted her from the earth’s strongere lements

and fed her with coa l and diesel for her sixty-four years afloat were not in vain. She had served her owners well.

Dan More land and Don Birkholz first stepped aboard her cluttered decks in December 1992,

during an e ight-nation search for a vessel to be used for ocean voyaging under sa il.

Dan More land would return in July 1993 to purchase Do/mar, restore her original name, Picton Castle, and initiate the process of a complicated and unusual re fit.

Today, several thousand miles from her ancestral waters, she tugs eagerly at her moorings at Pier 15 in New York ‘s East River,

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