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Here’s a new one though: “Our best anti-piracy device is to give a lot of our music away for free.”

It’s the idea of college student and electronica nerd Nick Weiss. The logic is

although as a strategy it does seem worryingly akin to legalising heroin, only to announce that arrests for dealing heroin have miraculously
plummeted overnight.

Weiss presents his tactic as part of a broader conversation about whether he and his college buddy Logan Takahashi regret naming their musical project Teengirl Fantasy.

Over a digitally distorted Skype line from Oberlin College, Ohio,
where they are both in the final years of their degree (Logan
studies electronic music; Nick film),

they explain why it’s not the most forgiving of monikers.

“We were hanging out on the porch of one of the co-ops, talking about boy bands for some reason, and our friend Vivian suggested a good boy band name would be Teengirl Fantasy,”

begins Logan, a rueful tone cutting through his voice. “And at the time,” Nick interrupts, “we thought it was the most

genius thing we’d ever heard, but it was also, like, 3am, and we were also, like, sitting on a swing,” he says, adding the last detail as if it’s the final piece in the puzzle.

“And now, when we have to tell customs people at an airport or something what our band name is, we get this bizarre look, like ‘what are you
really doing?’”

“But the thing is,” Weiss continues, “it came up with a lot of porn on Google…”

“…except we’re now the top hit on Google,” points out Takahashi, still rueful.

“…and people are afraid to search for us,” Weiss carries on.

“And it’s impossible to find our music on Limewire among all the porn. But we have more antipiracy devices than that…”

The music in question is a hazy hybrid of pretty much all dance music from the dawn of disco – their reimagining of Rose Royce’s 1978 classic ‘Love
Don’t Live Here Anymore’ is breathtaking – to the present day,

filtered through cannabis smoke and the attention-deficit brains of two 21-year-old liberal arts students.

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