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Veteran sailor, licensed captain, and world cruiser, Richard Anderson, owner of Sea-Tech Systems,

will walk you through the communication technologies and solutions you need to run your business while living the cruising life.

Are you itching to go cruising but not ready to give up the business you’ve laboriously infused with your time and money? Don’t wait until retirement to go cruising — take your business with you.

In this comprehensive session, Richard will provide solutions to your most pressing concerns about working while cruising, such as:

Following your cruising dreams doesn’t mean you can’t work while cruising, it just requires the right preparation.

Inevitably, issues can and will arise — and the problem of needing to conduct business and not being able to connect can become very real, very fast.

 The important thing is to prepare properly and outfit your boat with communication solutions that will fit your needs.

Proper preparation will allow you to meet your day-to-day business obligations head-on, and then enjoy the cruising that you love so much.

 When you are not in a marina (and sometimes even when you are), connectivity can be a challenge.

The ability to connect when you need to will vary depending on where in the world you are.

But there are solutions, and with the right preparedness, you can be ready for any number of obstacles that might pop up while cruising. Sea-Tech Systems has product solutions available to suit every type of cruiser.

You need to solve a wide variety of scenarios, based on your own cruising experiences, and find the path to bring yourbusiness aboard, as well as what needs to be learned and the finding solutions for your own type of business.

 From long-range Wi-Fi and cellular “boosters” to cellular and Wi-Fi routers, we’ve found solutions for every connectivity and connection need.

Sea-Tech’s own Narwhal System integrates Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite into a single system with automatic switching.

You need to consider geo obstructions, light voice and email, web browsing needs, data usage, and there are many customer solution success stories.

If you’ve been dreaming of cruising but can’t step away from the demands of their business, It is possible.

For a “business aboard” scenario, you need detailed solutions that have solved these issues which have worked for Sea-Tech customers.

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