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Sustainable infrastructure

The family-run Brdr. Møller (The Møller Brothers) is a contracting company specialising in infrastructure construction,

while also trying to do its bit for the environment and for society.

The company was founded in 1964 by the three Møller brothers and has since specialised in building infrastructure,

especially in their local area of Brabrand, just outside of Aarhus, Denmark.

“We basically work on everything below the knees,” Sustainable infrastructure

explains Niels Juul, the general manager of Brdr. Møller.

Brdr. Møller has over the past couple of years, under Juul’s management, decided to focus more on sustainability.

As Juul says: “We don’t have an infinite amount of resources, and we’re all aware of that.

Previously we would’ve just got something new, but now we try to recycle as much as we possibly can.

We’re part of an industry where we can’t help but have a lot of emissions,

but we’re trying to do everything possible to minimise that footprint.”

The company frequently invests in the newest technology,

ensuring that their large machinery is as energy efficient as possible.

“It’s not always the cheapest way of doing things,

but we never think twice if we see that a machine can reduce our emissions,” Juul explains.

Social responsibility

Brdr. Møller also take their social responsibility extremely seriously.

They have hired refugees, and each year they donate to various charities across the country.

“We have a social responsibility to give something back, Sustainable infrastructure

so we’re always trying to find ways to do that,” says Juul.

Brdr. Møller comes across as an excellent workplace where people work hard but also become part of the family and stay for many years.

Juul, for one, has been with the company for the past 30 years, while another employee has been there since 1966.

Juul has big plans for the company, with expansion and growth being two of the keywords.

There are currently 60 employees, but Juul hopes to double this by 2020 and also expand their geographical area to cover more of Jutland.

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