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Strategic advice & innovative design from Play Reklamebyrå

Play Reklamebyrå is a small advertising agency formed in 2005,

with five employees that have access to a broad network of freelance specialists.

Based centrally in Oslo’s old shoemaker quarter alongside a jazz bar and clothes importers in Grensen, Strategic advice

they offer services such as consulting, design, content/PR, interactive, social media and film.

“With a few employees possessing complementary skills and access to freelancers, Strategic advice

we want to stay small to offer flexible solutions to small and large clients,” general manager Espen Erfjell explains.

“Our size and flexibility allow us to complete assignments with tight deadlines

when larger advertising companies need longer project and delivery times.

This is essential today when faster pace shifts are more important to certain industries to adapt to the competitive environment.

“We stay informed of trends and technology, which is why clients approach Play to form a communication strategy,” Erfjell says.

In the US, short films online or on YouTube are increasingly used in market communications (80% of businesses)

as tools to facilitate insight into product and supplier benefits. “Norway is catching up quickly,” he says.

“A digital strategy including film is a benefit when 90% of consumers seek inspiration online.

We develop films for small and large organisations with the intention of turning more homepage visitors into purchasing customers.

Our combined communication specialism and film-making form our strength.

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