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Starting a business in Denmark has never been easier

Many budding Danish entrepreneurs learn by trial and error.

However, it does not have to be that way.

If you are thinking of setting up a business, startupsvar.

dk gives you the answers to all your questions – even the ones you never knew you had.

When the four young entrepreneurs behind Starting

Dancatech decided to turn their innovation Starting

sustainable disposable medical equipment – into a business,

they found more help than they realised they needed on

“It’s often the things you think you know that you actually need help with,”

says Kasper Tindbæk, one of the company’s four partners.

“The site helped us transform our idea into a business.

When you start out, you have a lot of ideas about how things are going to be,

but when you go into the real world, it’s often very different.” offers help at all stages of establishing a firm,

from idea development to fundraising, market surveys and administration.

All the information is sorted into different stages and steps to bring a helpful structure into the chaotic start-up phase of a company.

“The site has helped us a great deal with a lot of information,

which was really useful in the start-up phase when we needed to develop, structure, and mature our concept,” says Tindbæk.

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