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Second generation gender bias

The second generation gender bias is at the root of a lot of current disparities, remarked

Dr. Rosa Balcells (Chile) during a discussion on gender inequalities in the workplace.

This bias applies to practices that appear neutral initially, but then still discriminate against a particular gender to reflect the values of the gender that created the setting.

This is in contrast to first generation bias, which is deliberate and intentionally excludes women

A study* published in the United Kingdom interviewed a variety of medical students to find out what their perceptions of femininity were in the workplace. ลาวสามัคคี

It found three areas that need to be addressed. Firstly, there is a cultural bias that sees femininity as a form of weakness and automatically questions a woman’s competence

and commitment following motherhood, as well as women’s physical strength and intelligence.

Secondly, there is the organizational culture that assumes all doctors are men

and all nurses are female, restricting career opportunities for women.

These factors result in women having less access to leadership positions,

fewer podium opportunities, lack of work recognition and a pay gap between their male colleagues.

Dr. Nancy Al Raqqad (Jordan) shared that women are forced to perform to exactly the same standards

and capabilities as men — even when those exact standards are not necessary for the job, but are in place simply because of the numerical superiority of men.

Although there is already a bias within the workplace, Dr. Al Raqqad believes the COVID-era will make things worse — when schools close

and there is a lack of childcare and social support, pressure will start to rise and women will be expected to withdraw from work and return to the home.

Dr. Al Raqqad believes the problem stems from two different places. Some issues arise from women:

 She believes some women suffer from imposters’ syndrome … further, there is a lack of mentoring and support

and, most importantly, women accept the way things are. Also, there are men, work and community related issues, as well as current preconceptions.

The issue is that many women accept them, plus mens’ fear that if more women compete, then they may outperform them.

There is also a culture of bullying and intimidation to keep women in the household and out the workplace.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี

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