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Sailing The Turkish

Who has not heard of the Riviera?

When asked, most would say it is in France, but that would be incorrect for there is a vibrant Riviera along the Turkish southeast coast.

This coast, also called the Turquoise Coast, is the coast that Marc Anthony gave to Cleopatra as a wedding present.

It is the home of Santa Claus, as well as the world’s oldest shipbuilding facility.

Here you will find old cities that are wrapped around and over their ancient counterparts,

large amphitheaters that are still in use, and a 12,000-year-old worship temple; and ancient civilizations are still being discovered.

After a great winter in Marmaris, SoulMates, our Jeanneau DS40, pointed her nose east along a well-traveled coast.

We first stopped in the large bay with the city of Göcek on one side and Fethiye on the other.

Charter companies maintain a base there and one can spend a lot of time exploring the nooks and crannies around the bay with great anchorages and warm mild weather without the fear of the dreaded Meltemi.

While there, we hooked up with old friends, Russ and Tommy on Once Around, who were headed west and explored some inland areas including the ghost city of Kayaköy.

As with all relationships among longterm cruisers, after a brief reunion and breaking of bread and adult beverages, Once Around headed west and SoulMates headed east to Kaş.

When we arrived in Marmaris the previous year for the winter,

we signed a one-year contract with the marina because it was less expensive than signing a sevenmonth one.

That winter, the marina made a new policy that said with a year contract you could stay in any Setur Marina for free for a month.

Kaş has a new modern Setur Marina, a quick walk to the town center, and a ferry to the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

We took a quick ferry trip were soon enjoying a glass of Greek wine while watching

the local restaurant owner feed a couple of large turtles that make their home in the harbor.

The town is small but there are a couple of grocery stores

and a bit of pork was purchased as we have done before on other Greek islands but this time the Turkish authorities decided not to allow it in Turkey.

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