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Reviving the legacy of two of Denmark’s greatest architects

The legacy of the Lassen brothers, two of Denmark’s most awarded architects,

has been revived by the grandson and great-granddaughter of Mogens Lassen.

Through the brand by Lassen, some of the architects’ timeless designs, Reviving

such as the Kubus candlestick, as well as a selection of forgotten designs and sketches, are gracing the design world.

Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) and Flemming Lassen (1902-1984)

seemed born to become architects. Since they were just kids, Reviving

the boys would draw sketches of buildings and in school they even convinced one of their friends,

Arne Jacobsen, the designer of the Egg Chair, to become an architect (the brothers later received a thank you note from Jacobsen’s father for this).

Though Mogens was a dyslexic and money was tight, they achieved their goal.

Their designs within architecture and furniture became classics defined by their simple aesthetics and functionality.

“The architects were natural experts when it came to combining organic materials with straight lines,

and that art is what makes their designs so simple and beautiful – it has a timeless quality about it,”

explains Nadia Lassen, Mogens Lassen’s great-granddaughter, now director of by Lassen.

“To me that’s what is so unique about our company and our product.

It’s the timelessness and the fact that it can be used again and again.

That, for me, is what qualifies good design: it was designed 50 years ago and it will still be in use 50 years from now.”

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