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Retaining staff by paying attention to details

Rapid growth can take a toll on a company’s staff. Craig Mullet, vicepresident of corporate care at ProVia, knows that well.

ProVia manufactures building products, steel and fibreglass entry doors, aluminum storm doors and vinyl windows,

Retaining staff vinyl siding and manufactured stone.

Based in Sugarcreek, a small village in eastern Ohio, the firm employs 980 at five plants in Ohio and Mississippi.

ProVia acquired a number of companies over the years. One early acquisition doubled their business,

Retaining staff but left the firm understaffed and lacking adequate management depth.

Company founder Bill Mullet and his wife were serving as overseas missionaries in Romania.

Their son Craig, only 22 at the time, carried responsibilities beyond what his age and experience warranted.

“I was in way over my head, didn’t know what I was doing,” he said in a seminar at MEDA’s annual convention in Tucson, Arizona.

his music ministry. Pastor Marvin L Winans heavy anointing and calling on his life through immediately recognised this and took McClurkin under his wing.

Pastor Donnie served as an assistant to Pastor Marvin L Winans at Perfecting Church, Detroit, Michigan for over a decade,

before he was ordained and sent forth by Pastor Winans in 2001 to establish Perfecting Faith Church (PFC) in Freeport, New York.

Starting out with approximately two hundred members, PFC has grown to over three thousand members.

Pastor Donnie on how the church was built: “In 2001, it was the gospel singing aspect that initially brought people in,

but when they saw that I was preaching and not singing, they came and left.

That’s when we decided to start again and grow it from the grass roots

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