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Reddymade — art with a playful energy

For Norwegian artist Chris Reddy, his art is about lines, shapes and the energy they bring.

“In my childhood, I had intense migraines. When these attacks came, I had to be in silence and darkness.

With eyes closed I saw a universe of lines, shapes and incredibly strong contrasts.

This shaped my artistic expression,” Reddy explains.

“My art is a manifestation of energy and a reflection of the time we live in.”

Drawing was a passion of his from an early age, and Reddy played with lines and colours throughout his childhood,

which later resulted in him being one of the absolute first graffiti artists in Norway in his early adolescence.

“Graffiti ended up being too restrictive for me.

I needed to have a broader and more personal expression,” the artist says.

This change in direction resulted in him studying at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Reddymade

as well as art history at the University of Tromsø.

Playful, colourful and symbolistic abstract expression

With a playful, colourful and symbolistic abstract expression, Reddy captivates and mesmerises the audience.

Through murals, gallery shows, street art, live drawing performances and even fashion, Reddymade

the artist shares his observations and thoughts with the world.

“Inspiration comes to me in different forms, whether that is through sounds, text, people or things I observe around me.

The bright primary colours you see in my art are important, because they bring a vibrant and positive feeling.

I like to have a limited and well-defined palette,” he says.

“Everything I create is based on line drawing.

It can be done by chalk on the pavement, pen on paper,

canvas or digital – still it always holds that playful energy,” Reddy explains.

Street art in the form of chalk drawing is temporary, and a way for the artist to share the energy

they have with the people who are not lost in the screens of their smartphone.

“I love to randomly encounter new art on the street myself.

It makes cities and spaces come alive. And art really does not have to be permanent.”

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