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Dlamini says that not all South Africans are aware of what botanical gardens have to offer.

“For example, some black people don’t consider visiting a garden as something that is done for leisure. SANBI is trying to change this.”

 To get people to the gardens, SANBI has hosted a number of events at them, which has proved to be a big draw card. “People will come to an event, rather than to look at plants.

We are in a business of inculcating, especially to the black community, the experience you get when visiting the gardens. It’s not about just visiting the show.

She says there is lots to do in the gardens, including hiking and making the most of walking trails, while waterfalls off er spectacular views and serenity.

“The gardens are for everyone, young and the old. It is also an outing that doesn’t require a lot of money because it only costs R25 to visit the garden for the whole day,” Dlamini points out.

Being a good communicator Dlamini says that the nature of her work means that everyday offers a different challenge.

“Even if I plan my day things change and I have to focus on what is urgent.

Sometimes you get a call from media and they have questions or want interviews and your plans for the day are out of the window.”

She adds that it’s important for communicators to be available to the media at all times.

“When the media needs you to comment on an issue you cannot make not responding a culture,

even if it means About Lihle Dlamini Dlamini completed her matric at Menzi High School in Umlazi,

KwaZulu-Natal, and completed a Teaching Diploma at the Mbumbulo College of Education. She taught mathematics,

English and geography for 10 years, while pursuing a Degree in Communications at the University of South Africa, which she obtained in 1999.

She also holds an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology and an MBA from the De Montfort University in the United Kingdom.

She worked for various organisations before joining SANBI, including Statistics South Africa,

the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta),

The Media, Information and Communication Technologies Seta, and Tourism KwaZulu-Natal.

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