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Proudly presenting the island of Bornholm

Bornholm is a very special part of Denmark, quite unlike the rest of the country. Cliffs in the north.

Deep rift valleys. A huge forest with ancient beech trees, rugged rocks,

deep forest lakes, and miles of broad, white sandy beaches in the south.

Bornholm contains a huge variety of landscapes and different sights.

There is a lot you will miss when you head to Bornholm: long traffic jams, high stress levels, pub crawls, and vast hotels dumped on the beach.

Instead, you will have to make do with some of Europe’s best beaches, the idyllic tranquilly of tiny, Proudly presenting

half-timbered fishing villages, and scenery that gets under your skin, not least because we hold the Danish record for hours of sunshine.

In many ways, Bornholm is a world of its own: a place with its own heartbeat, its own pace and its own language.

The island also has its very own climate, where the spring is dominated by cascades of cherry blossom, anemones and wild garlic.

The summer arrives slightly late, only to last much longer than elsewhere in Denmark.

Once the rocks, sand and water have soaked up the sun, the island hangs on to summer for a long, long time.

Bornholm offers great cultural variety.

Tradition and progress go happily hand in hand, and everything is easy to get to.

Old crafts such as clock making, the mills and the smokehouses live alongside the most advanced glassworks,

modern architecture and art exhibitions.

Bornholm’s culinary range has much to offer, too, including organic products ranging from cheese and sausages to sweets and chocolate.

The traditional cuisine using only local produce is becoming increasingly popular, Proudly presenting

mostly due to the fact that the many chefs of Bornholm have successfully made their own

versions of local dishes in accordance with modern traditions and tastes.

Visit the many smokehouses with their production of herring, salmon, mackerel,

prawns, mussels and other fruits of the sea and try the locally-made sweets, toffee, liquorice, icecream, red wine,

beer, brandy, crackers, biscuits and honey.

And it is not just Bornholm natives who know about the high quality of these products – they are now export items.

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