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Promise & The Monster Feed The Fire

There’s something darkly seductive about Billie Lindahl’s debut release
for Bella Union as Promise and the Monster,

drawing you in to a Wicker Man-like web that’s simultaneously unnerving and exhilarating.Fire

Ostensibly an alt-folk album, ‘Feed The Fire’ is a slow-burner, only
tentatively pushed along by vapourthin

vocals and gentle acoustics that can occasionally drift over towards the intangible.

You might label some of these tracks forgettable or, being more generous, acknowledge the unplaceable and dream-like quality they lend the record.

Either way there are some stand-out moments worth waiting around for while the use of a Chinese violin and Mariachi

style horns see Lindahl rightfully earn her multi-instrumentalist tag.

‘Julingvallen’ is like the soundtrack to a Scandinavian horror, though
during a scene of rare comfort and companionship,

while standouttrack ‘Machines’ is instantly catchy and melodic: a nocturnal croon, the kind of which might play on the jukebox in Twin Peaks’ R and R diner.

A few more like these and the album would be a whole lot more intriguing.

harmonies employed by the likes of The Shangri La’s, and their unashamed darkness in the lyrics of songs like ‘Suicide Hotline’ is an admirable facet in a world where there’s

still too much stigma surrounding issues of mental health.

Ultimately, though, there’s something a little contrived here,
and this type of witty,

selfdepreciating indie pop has been done to death – it only works if its charm is effortless and unintended, like that of Beat Happening’s,

for example.
Moreover, it’s just a bit too one dimensional for repeated listens,
so naturally it lacks endurance.

The Prettiots might benefit from adding a bit more chaos to their formula
next time.

lumbering giant where acoustic strumming gives way to
thundering drums and a piercing, incessant squall of guitar.

It meanders back and forth, inviting you to get lost in its twists and turns
for hours. And that’s what makes ‘Wabi-Sabi’

so special; let it wash over you, and the smoky atmospherics hook you deep in the mind and the soul.

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