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With the approach of a new year, many churches focus on prayer and fasting.

This focus on prayer is true for individuals, couples and families, too. Some people go away on prayer retreats; others shut themselves away to hear God’s voice,

whilst others bring family and friends together to call on God for strength and guidance during the New Year.

What is evident in all instances is that God has a plan and purpose for everyone’s lives.

He’s also concerned about our ministries, businesses, places of work – in fact,

God has an interest in every aspect of our lives, and wants us to turn to Him for help, inspiration and direction at the start of a New Year.

The Bible is filled with examples of the different types of prayers people prayed.

For instance, there is the world famous Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), and Jesus’ prayer for church unity (John 17:20-26).

There is King Hezekiah’s prayer for God to heal him of sickness

(2 Kings 19:15-19)PRAYING GOD’S HEART and Hannah’s prayer for a child in (1 Samuel 2).

Every day they chip away at the glut of what’s been in recent years, speaking sense as they go.

So we’re playing Jimmy Carr – à la The Best Blah Ever, brought to you by a 5 hour

long show on E4 – and if you’re playing catch up here are numbers 100 to 76.

The next 50 days worth of tracks will be in our next two issues,

PRAYING GOD’S HEART and then you’re on your own until the ball drops and you

realise that Robbie Williams’ ‘Angel’ has finally lost one of these polls.

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