playing to Western audiences

“In the beginning it was hard for me to play in front of a Western audience. I was used to playing weddings and in front of audiences who knew the languages that I use in my songs.

Afterwards, as things progressed, it became natural to me. The Western audience does not understand what I am signing about, the words are alien to them, they do not understand – it is harder, they move to the
music and to the rhythm, they react.

“Either at home in Syria or in other places where I sing and where they understand me it is different; they can identify with both the words and the music.

For me now, the only two differences between the audiences is
the language.” audiences

“In our region they still use the cassette; they still use the word and the actual cassette. It’s the most common format – everyone uses it. When you put something on cassette it is definite.

“The CD is still not common. With the advent of the Internet and the popularity of TV, people are starting to know what a CD is and
what an album is – it is something that is still working its way around the region, but only some people are aware and it is why the use of the cassette is still ingrained in our culture.”

“It’s always good to work and collaborate with other artists. Working with an artist that is so well known as Björk or with other artists is something that I would wish to do again. Working with other artists does both
sides good.” audiences

“The main problems usually come when something goes wrong with a keyboard. There is always technical problems that crop up with electrical equipment, but it is soon fixed. Sometimes a Visa issue may occur
when I travel and it happened with the last tour for entry into Sweden, but normally there is no problem, it was just on that one.

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