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Plans for the future SAPS

Minister Nhleko said he would continue to meet with police and people outside

the service to gather ideas to perfect policing. Infrastructure backlog is another challenge he intends addressing Plans for the future SAPS.

“Deputy Minister of Police Maggie Sotyu is leading a task team with the Department of Public Works looking at how do we deal with the backlog, focusing on building police stations especially in rural areas.”

“Private institutions have pledged to work with the police. They want to contribute in the infrastructure development.

An interesting development is that you have South African based companies wanting to assist. Eskom and Transnet have also contributed in the of construction of police stations.”

He said meeting the board of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) was also on the table.

Discussions with the CPFs would focus on rejuvenating their work. From labour to policing Minister Nhleko has had to make quite a transition from director-general of Labour since 2011 to leading the men and women in blue.

“The transition has been shocking because I have been an administrator and I enjoyed my work.

 Overnight I became a politician and this was a diffi cult transition. It’s been a struggle to adjust.

I must accept that I won’t be able to walk around without being surrounded by people.” Minister Nhleko has served on various portfolio committees such as transport, labour and environmental aff airs.

He was also the Deputy Municipal Manager of uMhlathuze Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal and Regional Commissioner for the then Department of Correctional Services.

Minister Nhleko hails from Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal and was among the fi rst group of Members of Parliament in 1994 in the new democratic South Africa.

He has an Honours degree in Labour Law from the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology,

and Masters in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

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