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The UK is a unitary state which relies heavily on democracy

and the political system that it has established.

 A democracy by definition is ‘ A system of government by the whole population

or all the eligible members of state, typically through elected representatives.’

 Therefore, for a representative democracy, such as the UK, participation by the populous in these elections is vital for the election to be valid or respected.

This is why even in a situation where you believe your vote is void or unable to affect the outcome it is important to vote anyway.

When there is a lack in participation there tends to be a general lack of trust in politics and especially politicians.

Some people will see votes that are not cast as worthless as the people who did not vote may have

done so as they did not feel qualified or did not care, therefore their vote has less meaning and weight.

In many circumstances the vote was actually not cast due to trends and lack of trust in the political system.

These ideologies and misinterpretations not only cost you your voice but your involvement in the direction of your country.

The main issue with the participation crisis is that it is the young that are tending not to vote.

This trend, if carried on, could result in the drastic drop in participation as time goes on.

This is why it’s not only important for you to participate but to encourage participation from those around you in polls, referendum votes and in constant refreshment of political knowledge.

The absence of participation suggests that either those that aren’t voting feel that none of the candidates represent them or that they don’t feel like there is purpose in voting. This, even if true, is a flimsy argument.

As seen in countries that have compulsory voting such as Sweden, Austria and Australia, the population tends to become more engaged

There are many controversial points that are occurring in government and if these matters are not properly addressed

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