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Overcoming challenges

Mtshali-Hadebe says being young, black

and female in a top position does come with its challenges but these motivate her.

“The reality is that I am a female, black and young, but how do I use this to my advantage?”

The other challenge of being a young manager is managing people who are the same age as your parents.

 “I have to balance professional distance and not offending people. Culturally, we are raised to give elders respect and I am conscious and aware of this but in the work environment, I am senior because of my role.”

he says being female allows her to be emotionally aware.

 “I use the tenacity that I have as a woman and I tap into the emotional side to make sound decisions.”

Mtshali-Hadebe adds that part of being a good manager is to be accessible to people and have a genuine interest in them.

“I’ve made it my priority to know a little bit about my managers – especially the things that matter to them.”

Women empowerment She says it’s time for women to take charge and take centre stage.

“I think that women need to take the stance that says we are not going to wait for things to be handed to us.

We mustn’t wait for people to recognise us; we need to take more of a centre stage role.”

Mtshali-Hadebe is passionate about youth empowerment and gender violence and plans to

be part of initiatives that come up with solutions for both of these issues.

“When it comes to gender violence, in particular, we need to focus more on breaking the cycle of the issues of today.”

 Building a legacy She is also set on leaving a positive legacy at the hospital.

“The legacy I want to leave behind at Bertha Gxowa hospital is that anything is possible, because I feel people need hope.

Not just hope, but also understanding the vision and the bigger picture of why they are employed at the hospital.”

Mtshali-Hadebe adds that she constantly encourages staff to be dedicated to their work and to always focus on the patient.

“I want people to understand that working in the hospital is not just about getting a salary but about service and taking care of patients who rely solely on us.”

 Mtshali-Hadebe says is inspired by ordinary South Africans who are doing great things.

“When people have found their true passion and calling – in any sector – they become great.”

 She says parents should not be fixated on crafting their children’s destiny but rather allow them to follow their passion to do what makes them come alive.

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