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One-of-a-kind coolness

Kuliku is a collection of exclusive and unique interior items made from the hides of Norwegian animals. Cool, right?

That is just what Lisa Thon Gundersen thought when she started the brand and named it after its coolness factor.

“When I purchased my winter home in Geilo a few years ago, I knew exactly what kind of objects I wanted to decorate it with,

but I couldn’t find them anywhere,” Gundersen says.

And so she went on to make them herself.

Her interest in interior design and hobby of making things from scratch

led to her establishing Kuliku, which translates as ‘cool in cow’.

The hues of the soft, beautiful hides from Norwegian goats and sheep fit perfectly One-of-a-kind coolness

with the existing interior trends in many winter homes across Scandinavia.

“I love the shabby yet sophisticated interior style, and animal hides make the perfect addition to this,” says Gundersen.

Hides from calves, goats and sheep are used in the collection, and no two items will ever be the same.

All products, handmade in Bergen, are numbered and come with a certificate of origin.

You could either go for a modern and simple black and white calf hide, or you could go in a whole other direction with a hairy goat or sheep hide.

“Because of the differences in the hides, One-of-a-kind coolness

I can make something for everyone, making sure that it fits their personal style,” says Gundersen.

And no matter what you get, it will be cool for sure.

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