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Nineteenth-Century Hulls

The two hulls investigated and recorded in 1993 were discovered at lowtide

by a member of the State Historic Preservation Office while investigating 19 th-century buildings and fo undations along the shore of the river in the mid-Hudson Valley.

Both hulls have fl at bottoms, rounded bilges and centerboard slots which identified them as sloops or schooners

and differenti ated them from the ubiquitous scow and barge hulks which line the river shore.

 One hull retained abruptly radi ating cant frames describing a particul arl y rotund bow.

The bluff shape of the bow determined by these framing members suggests that of an earl y-nineteenth-century sloop.

Upon c loser examination, however, the same hull was fo und to have a mast step at the after end of the centerboard slot, clearly indicating that the vessel was last rigged as a schooner.

Enough remained of the hull to estimate her original dimensions as 70 feet in length on deck, 24-25 feet in beam, and 5-6 feet depth of hold.

 These dimensions closely corresponded with descriptions of typical 19th-century Hudson River sloops.

The physical evidence suggests that the hull was an early sloop, later rebuilt and rerigged as a schooner.

The second hull at the site, identified as the schooner A. S. Parker, appeared to have been more lightly framed and remained less intact.

She was clearly rigged as a schooner at the time of her abandonment but offered minimal evidence regarding her original hull form during the initial survey.

Other features observed at the site included the centerboard of one vessel, the rudders of both,

and a nearby stone bulkhead along the shore where the schooners had last been docked.

The significance of this discovery, the relative rarity of these remains and the vulnerability of the site to continuing decay and vandalism led to a decision.

by the Historic Preservation Field Services Bureau to immedi ately record the hulls as an initial step in planning for their preservation.

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