New narratives for Europe and its businesses

Three years ago, not everyone knew of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, and fewer still expected them to be elected as presidents.

Four years ago, we started to hear about Uber and Airbnb.

Now the two companies have disrupted transportation and hospitality industries all over the world.

So if our current reality was created over the last four years, then a radically different future is not more than four years away either.

How should business and political leaders deal with this uncertainty?

How can they possibly make strategic decisions when all they can see is a chaotic future?

They can start a new narrative.

Look at what created the Nordic Noir wave. At the beginning of the millennium,

New narratives a few unknown Nordic filmmakers created a new kind of simple, dark crime genre, including the likes of The Bridge,

The Killing and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

It was not a deliberate initiative;

one murderer simply inspired the next murderer to a new kill, and everybody started to talk about it. For the first time,

Scandinavian filmmakers began to believe they could compete with those of the British and American crime industries.

Nordic Noir was the result of a narrative that grew loud. We move in the direction we talk.

We Europeans used to have our narrative too. Since the ‘50s, we have talked about what we want our community to be, and we have now reached the end of this narrative.

We have realised everything we talked about. Europe has become one of the most attractive places on the planet to live and do business in,

but for the first time in 70 years, we are without a vision for the future; our focus is on protecting what we have,

while we listen to the narratives from Silicon Valley and China – and they have new ambitious stories to tell.

But that does not mean we cannot have one too.

Entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk achieve everything through their narratives.

They are the movers and shakers who make us believe in a future that is not an extension of the present we live in.

They are storytellers, and their stories are basically all they have – and that is the stuff the future is made of.

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