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I returned from an overseas business trip to learn that CPS had received a significant bequest from

the late Laurie Thomas, a prominent member of CPS and one of the pioneers of PSNZ.

I was told I had been ‘volunteered’ to chair a sub-committee to advise the CPS management team on the use of the funds.

We recommended two events to keep Laurie’s memory alive. One was an annual winter school for club members; ลาวสามัคคี

the other was a New Zealand Landscape competition, open to slide workers throughout the country.

The Laurie Thomas NZ Landscape Salon is now in its twenty-second year.

Last year it attracted 651 digital entries from 169 entrants.

 I was proud to win the second salon in 1998 with a slide called ‘Sun Kissed’,

featuring Californian poppies beside Lake Tekapo.

I was hugely surprised and delighted in 2015 to become the only person so far to win the salon twice when my digital image ‘Inland Kaikouras’ was successful.

My most significant administrative role in photography had its starting point in 2002 when Lynn Clayton, then President of PSNZ,

 asked me to take on responsibility for New Zealand Camera, an annual showcase of PSNZ members’ images.

 At that point, the publication was a 64-page magazine. Sally Mason and Bevan Tulett were appointed to work with me.

 At our first meeting, I asked both which particular aspects of the job interested them. They replied almost in unison: “None.”

 They had the vision of turning New Zealand Camera into “a real book” – not just continuing a magazine. Thus was born the idea of the coffee-table book we know today.

 To help fund New Zealand Camera as a real book, advertisers had to be found. I visited and/or spoke to around 40 potentials around the country.

 In the end, while PSNZ budgeted to lose up to $10,000 in each issue, the first three issues for which I was responsible gave PSNZ a surplus of around $2,000.

More importantly, PSNZ membership rose by 34 per cent, from 755 to 928, during the life of the first three books.

The longest loyal sponsor of New Zealand Camera has been the Rhema Broadcasting Group, now known as Rhema Media.

It was Lynn Clayton’s idea that I approach them.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี

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