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ON 16 SEPTEMBER 2017 a number of past

and present NBPC members gathered at the New Brighton Club for a meal, celebration, debate and much reminiscing.

 PSNZ President Peter Robertson LPSNZ opened the celebration evening, followed

by Club Patron Ron Willems Hon FPSNZ FPSNZ FAPS AFIAP ARPS with recollections of his early days at NBPC where he began his love of photography.

 NBPC has such a lot to celebrate and so much to remember ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี.

We started out as a few enthusiasts, encouraged by Reynolds Chemist who provided

the chemicals for keen young photographers in the New Brighton area.

Sadly Elva Nolan the last of the original members passed away just before the Canterbury earthquakes.

Membership numbers have fluctuated up and down but with the earthquakes we became homeless and for a time met in coffee bars and private homes.

Our membership dropped to less than 20 as people moved away. Now we have a nice new home and about 40 members.

 It is awesome to see many young new members with great ideas and so much to share.

Older members are watching the numbers and enthusiasm grow, returning to what we remember from years ago.

NBPC started out with film developed in the darkroom. Following the years of black

and white prints we moved on to colour and now the digital age. This was a fun evening.

We enjoyed two rolling slide shows, one showing club members at events and outings (mainly over the last ten years)

and the other showing a selection of members’ work since the introduction of the digital media category in 2008.

We enjoyed a fun ‘great’ debate; the subject was JPEG vs RAW with audience support in favour of JPEG.

The New Brighton Photographic Club meets three Tuesdays each month at the Ascot Community Centre,

Ascot Avenue, North New Brighton. New members are always welcome!

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