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As the matric exam time comes around once again,

Northern Cape MEC for Education Martha Bartlett is confident that

the province has done all it can to adequately prepare Grade 12 learners for the biggest moment of their schooling careers.

“We are satisfied with the work we have done for the 2016 schooling year

and are confident that all our learners, especially our Grade 12s, are well prepared for the final examinations.

“As a department we have done what we could to provide all our schools with the necessary support and guidance to ensure that every child succeeds,” she added.

MEC Bartlett said the province had already conducted an assessment of the department’s readiness to administer successful final year examinations.

“The Northern Cape is one of the top performing provinces in terms

of its readiness to administer the National Senior Certificate,” she boasted.

“We have improved on our support and visits to schools, especially under-per forming schools.

District staff conducted regular visits to these schools to monitor the progress of learners and provided continous support.

“Winter and Spring Schools further assisted us to ensure that our learners are well prepared for the upcoming exams.

 I’ve visited districts to meet with staff, teachers, parents and learners

of under-performing schools to motivate and encourage them before what will be their most important exams.”

Combining efforts to achieve success For the education system in the province to bear fruit, MEC Bartlett said all stakeholders need to play a role.

“Education is a societal matter, which requires the involvement of everyone to ensure that every child succeeds.

Our learners need us now more than ever and we need to become actively involved in their schoolwork.”

With regard to those in Grade 12, she called on their parents to get involved in the their children’s future.

“We need to provide them with the necessary support system, create a conducive environment for learning, make sure they eat healthily and rest enough, reduce their household tasks and ensure there is study time.

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