Mmanare Mamabolo

For Mmanare Mamabolo, being named the top public sector leader during

the Standard Bank Women Awards is an indication that women are making their mark in the civil aviation industry.

Mamabolo, 38, is Executive: Legal and Aviation Compliance at the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA),

the agency tasked with controlling, promoting, regulating, supporting,

developing, enforcing and continuously improving levels of safety and security throughout the civil aviation industry.

She says winning the award was reassurance that she is exceling in her position in a sector that is considered to be largely male-dominated.

“I regard this as an achievement for all black women in the aviation industry.

It shows that progress is made in this sector and transformation is taking place.

“It is also a great feeling to be recognised as a public servant as it shows that I’m representing government well.”

Regulating the aviation industry Apart from her role at the SACAA,

she is also the chairperson of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCom).

The main purpose of CARCom is to advise the Minister of Transport on the development of regulations

and advise the Director of Civil Aviation on development of technical standards for the aviation industry in South Africa.

CARCom comprises 23 organisational representatives from across the civil aviation industry.

These representatives are from organisations such as the Recreation Aviation Administration of South Africa,

Airports Company of South Africa, the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa, among others.

Mamabolo enjoys both her roles equally “I love my job as the ‘chief attorney’ of

the SACAA and also as the chairperson of CARcom, which can be a bit challenging.

“When we pass a regulation I have to ensure that it is in the best interest of the civil aviation industry,

while at the same time ensuring that there is a balance between the interests of SACAA, as the regulator, and the industry.

It is not always easy.” Mamabolo has to ensure that the decisions made by SACAA are in the best interest of the organisation and that the entity is protected against any legal risks that may arise.

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