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For those who work in the art world

the Dallas Art Fair’s springtime return promises the dual possibilities of cultivating new collectors while simultaneously growing personal collections.

Such is the case for art advisor Carson Hall and his wife, Megan.

Art is bred into Carson’s DNA. The son of Ron Hall, an international art dealer, Carson grew up attending art fairs and, beginning in high school, working in the booth alongside his father.

Native Texans, Carson and Megan met as students at Texas Christian University. Megan enthusiastically embraced collecting as their relationship grew.

“Carson brought some paintings into the relationship.

Once we got married, we started collecting together,” she says.

Their first acquisition, Seascape I, is a work on paper by Roy Lichtenstein.

They were drawn to it for different reasons.

Carson explains that his early loves were the midcentury movements, notably Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, and Color Field painting.

The Lichtenstein, published in 1965, includes the artist’s distinctive Ben-Day dots, appealing to that Pop aesthetic.

After bringing it home, he relates, “Megan said, ‘What is this?’” Her love of the beach, however, made it a work they could both admire.

Ultimately, she asks, “What can the past decade, they have made several acquisitions at the Dallas Art Fair from a geographic spectrum of galleries.

Locally, they acquired their Sam Reveles from Talley Dunn Gallery.

Anne Lindberg’s work came from Chicago’s Carrie Secrist Gallery.

And they look forward to the return of international gallerists Simon Lee Gallery and Kerlin Gallery, representing Gary Simmons and Merlin James, respectively.

(The Halls also own artwork by both of these artists.)

In addition to making professional connections, the couple treasures the relationships they have forged over years that have blossomed into true friendships.

But the greatest pleasure of collecting, they agree, is the ability to share the work with their two young children.

 “When you’re around it, you appreciate it more,” Megan notes.

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