MEDA partner in Jordan uses Canadian-funded

AJordanian packaging materials manufacturer that received funding from MEDA is now using its new equipment to help Jordan with its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. RZ

(Alhadaf Int. Co for Importing and Industry) received an innovation fund grant from MEDA’s Jordan Valley Links project to purchase

MEDA partner in Jordan uses Canadian-funded stateof-the-art paper cup manufacturing machinery

capable of producing millions of biodegradable disposable paper cups annually.

The JVL project is funded by Global Affairs Canada and MEDA supporters.

In late March, RZ and its core employees were given special security clearances to work,

despite a strict government curfew, so that they can fulfill urgent orders of over a million single-use disposable paper cups,

MEDA partner in Jordan uses Canadian-funded wrapping and other packaging materials and 300,000 single-use gloves.

Rami J Saheb, RZ’s chief executive officer, is providing the single-use gloves to medical authorities free of charge.

“What doesn’t break us makes us stronger,” Saheb said. “We will do our (ut)most efforts to overcome the current situation and support our country to the max we can.”

Recipients of the much needed supplies include Jordan’s hospitals, the Jordanian Army’s military consumer’s establishment,

Syrian refugee camps, hotels that have now been designated as quarantine centers, and correctional facilities.

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